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IBM System Z

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Nastel® AutoPilot® for System Z

rich support for monitoring application performance on the IBM mainframe. Fully integrated with the AutoPilot family to provide real-time monitoring of application performance across the mainframe, distributed and cloud environments.


early warning for application performance problems by correlating real-time z/OS state with that from the web and cloud and searching for patterns that indicate imminent impact.

IBM System Z 1


Real-time monitoring and analysis
Prebuilt reports for data analysis and troubleshooting
Console capture for messages sent to the system log
Identifies performance bottlenecks
Provides proactive notification and automated actions based on user-defined policies
MQ (interactive and batch), CICS Transaction Server, DB2 and z/OS


Identifies application performance trends
Takes action to correct problems before there is impact

CICS/WMQ/DB2 system activity

This collage shows business views of CICS/WMQ/DB2 system activity and resource usage. Alerts are issued when resource usage exceeds the default threshold. If a CICS transaction is looping while getting messages from WMQ and writing to DB2 database, we can see a surge on resource usage in CICS’s DSA, WMQ buffer pool and DB2 logging.

IBM System Z 2

z/OS Operating System Statistics:

Address Space statistics

– Address Space Dispatching Priority

– Address Space current position such as swapped in, swapped out, non-swappable, etc

– Current utilization of real storage in frames

– Address space’s EXCP count for the current job step

– Accumulated CPU time (TCB plus SRB) consumed on behalf of the address space, for the current job step, in seconds

– Swap out reason code

Console Message Extraction

z/OS DB2 Statistics

Buffer Manager Statistics
Data Manager Statistics
Log Manager Statistics
Message Manager Statistics
Storage Manager
RDS Statistics

z/OS WebSphere MQ Statistics

Buffer Manager Performance Statistics
Coupling Facility Manager
Performance Statistics
DB2 Manager Performance Statistics
Data Manager Statistics
Log Manager Statistics
Lock Manager Statistics
Message Manager Statistics
Topic Manager Statistics
Storage Manager Statistics
Page Sets Statistics

z/OS CICS Statistics

Auto-Install Statistics
DB2 Connection Statistics
Dispatcher Statistics
Enqueue Statistics
IPCONN Statistics
JVM Pool Statistics
Library Statistics
MQ Connection Statistics
MVS TCB Statistics
Pipeline Statistics
Program Auto-Install Statistics
Program Statistics
Recovery Statistics
Storage Statistics
Stream Statistics
Auto-Install StatisticsSubpool Statistics
System Dump Statistics
Task Subpool Statistics
TCP/IP Statistics
TD Queue Statistics
Transaction Class Statistics
Transaction Dump Statistics
Transaction Statistics
TS Queue Statistics
URIMAP Statistics
VTAM Statistics
Web Service Statistics

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