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5 predictive analytics features you'll want to watch out for

Predictive storage analytics tools are becoming standard equipment in the enterprise. Get to know the features you’ll need, how they work and the benefits they provide. Predictive Analytics – We’re all familiar with the power, convenience and borderline creepy accuracy of predictive data analytics. Whether it’s looking for something new to watch on Netflix, browsing…
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The Top 8 Predictive Analytics Tools – Learn about the top tools for enterprise users

Including how to choose among a set of key features to find out which predictive analytics tool is best for your business. These days nearly every enterprise wants to have predictive analytics capabilities. This corresponds to growing interest in Big Data and artificial intelligence. In some recent surveys, more than 90 percent of organizations say they believe predictive analytics will…
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Predictive Analytics For Retail: What Lies Ahead?

I am personally fascinated by predictive analytics and the ability to combine data elements to create an approximate idea of what the future may hold. Although data modeling has been used quite extensively in certain industries (e.g., weather predictions based on specific historic models and key indicators, insurance estimates and actuarial tables, etc.), the concept…
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The Impact of Predictive Analytics in Higher Education

The Impact of Predictive Analytics in Higher Education. While for many a college degree may be the golden ticket to a better job, this incentive alone isn’t enough to stop millions from dropping out of school or delaying graduation. In fact, some universities are experiencing freshman retention rates as low as 47 percent. On top…
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How AI And Predictive Analytics Drive Marketing Success

When it comes to marketing, historical data should always be a driver for strategy and planning. Predictive analytics is the next level of using that data for marketing success. Predictive analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms and AI techniques to identify possible future outcomes. This can help you stay ahead of the curve and…
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Predictive Analytics Will Help Oil Companies Forecast The Future

In recent years predictive analytics has matured as a technology with practical applications for the oil and gas industry. The next stage in analytics development is the application of prescriptive capabilities.