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Transitioning to hybrid cloud is easy

Hybrid Cloud – The modern business is digital, there’s no denying this. Those that aren’t have either been left behind already, or are in the process of being so. The connectivity we enjoy today, and the technology available to us, is creating countless possibilities in a world where everything computes and where everyone and every…
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The Transformative Potential of Hybrid Cloud Within Government Agencies

Here are three ways government agencies can facilitate and accelerate their move to hybrid cloud. Federal cloud spending is reaching all-time highs, with many organizations investing in hybrid cloud models. This environment uses a combination of on-premises, private cloud and public cloud services, and presents an ideal solution for agencies wanting to balance agility with security. Notably, hybrid…
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3 questions to ask before putting a healthcare application in the cloud, and 5 tenants to understand once you’ve decided to move data into a private, public or hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud – Several years ago, many experts were indicating that by 2020 everything would be running in the cloud. The promises of economical on-demand computing and storage resources were appealing. Companies could look to reduce capital investments and begin to sunset expensive data centers by quickly spinning up cloud technology. Speed to market, costs…
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Steering a safe course through hybrid cloud

We look at why hybrid cloud can create a tricky infrastructure to manage.  It is a universally accepted axiom that the world is moving towards cloud. Even the most hardened sceptics have been converted and are taking their first steps on a cloud journey. The figures back this up. IDC has reported that quarterly spending on public…
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