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Month: June 2019

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Understanding the Essence of Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Application Performance Monitoring is needed by every business that really cares about customers. As customers and app users, we all look forward to an operational, responsive, and fast user interface. Hence, APM involves the use of a monitoring solution technology that checks the performance of service providers’ apps or web-based channels with how their customers…
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Edge Computing Middleware: How It Can Tame IoT Complexity

The benefits of using edge computing middleware and tips for selecting the best approach for taming IoT complexity. Edge computing middleware in an industrial or enterprise software architecture is akin to plumbing on steroids. This software layer must efficiently connect different applications, data sources, devices (such as sensors and endpoints), services and business entities. Today,…
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How to Take Advantage of Modern Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics – The ability to quickly act on information to solve problems or create value has long been the goal of many businesses. However, it was only recently, with the emergence of new technologies, that the speed and scalability requirements of real-time analytics could be addressed both technically and cost-effectively by organizations on a…
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Three Ways AI And Machine Learning Can Transform The World Of Prospecting

Machine Learning – Prospecting is no longer approached as a purely transactional marketing process. Initially, consumers were primarily concerned with receiving a high-quality product with impeccable service, and nothing more. The market was meant to feed the consumer’s need for instant gratification. Now, the needs of consumers are evolving, and they want to take it…
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Cognitive computing: Using tech to improve quality of work

The new NIIT Tech solution, based on Microsoft Azure, uses AI to enhance productivity and quality. Cognitive Computing – NIIT Technologies has introduced a new cloud-based solution, Cognitive Service Desk Audit, built on Microsoft Azure platform. The solution is designed to play a major role in enhancing the productivity of enterprises by increasing operational efficiency, reducing audit…
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The Cybersecurity Skills Gap Won't Be Solved in a Classroom

Unfilled cybersecurity jobs are expected to reach 1.8 million by 2022, up 20 percent from 1.5 million in 2015, according to the Center for Cyber Safety and Education. The cybersecurity skills gap isn’t going anywhere. Yet, lack of formal education isn’t slowing down new recruits to the cybersecurity talent pool. There is an army of ethical…
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AIOps tools beef up insights, but long-term scope unclear

AIOps tools present a way to cope with IT infrastructure sprawl and complexity, but how far they can go with hands-off automation features is still a topic for debate. As enterprise IT shops put AIOps tools through their paces, they are divided about just how AI-driven the future of IT infrastructure management will be. Some early…
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How to Reduce the Complexities of Change In Digital Transformation

How to Reduce the Complexities of Change In Digital Transformation Why do digital transformations experience more failure and face more peril than companies anticipate? Why do they take far longer than anticipated? With apologies to Einstein, I believe we can understand the answers to these questions by viewing them through the lens of “GUT” –…
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Is 'Big Data' About What We Do With Our Data Not How Much Of It We Have?

Big Data – What is it about “big data” that resists definition? Today we have myriad competing definitions that each attempt to circumscribe just what it is we mean when we talk about the idea of using “big data” to understand the world around us. The notion that the size, speed or modality of data…
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AI Definitions: Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning vs. Cognitive Computing vs. Robotics vs. Strong AI….

Cognitive Computing – AI comes in many forms, each at its own stage of development with its own definition, techniques and capabilities. Some forms – such as Artificial General Intelligence, AI super-intelligence or Strong AI, the kind of AI that might someday automate all work and that we might lose control of – live in the future…
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