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Month: May 2019

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How best to secure cloud computing in this critical era

Cloud Computing – Companies are putting more critical data into the cloud, which means a cloud breach is likely to be more destructive than ever. Secure cloud computing is central to business success today, so we’ve gathered in this guide our experts’ thoughts on the nature of the threat and how to counter it. The…
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What Machine Learning Needs To Learn Next?

Machine Learning – Today, consumers can buy cameras powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that recognize a person at their front door. But they don’t have anything close to a robot that can tie their shoelaces. Why? Simply put, because most machine learning algorithms available today in AI applications don’t learn very well. Thanks to a branch…
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Why AI Journey Mapping Is Critical For Digital Transformation

Actually, forget “digital transformation.” Artificial intelligence has become such an integral part of digital transformation today that it’s almost synonymous with DX itself. AI allows us to extrapolate value from our data. It allows us to gain operational efficiencies. It even allows us to replace entire job functions! But to do so, it needs to…
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Big Data Analytics Could Reduce Power Grid Outages

Big Data – The power grid is one of those things that most of us take for granted, but it’s time to acknowledge that it’s vulnerable to power outages due to age, variability of distributed renewable generation resources and attacks. The annual cost of short power interruptions (i.e., five minutes or less) in the U.S.…
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Successful DevOps Initiatives Start With Company Culture

What initially drove the need for embarking on the DevOps journey in your team or at your company in the first place? Was it: Market shift? New leadership or an acquisition? New product or service idea? Cost savings or consolidation? All of the above? Devops – Whatever drove the need, my guess is there were…
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Omnichannel Retail: Big Data Is Nice, Fast Data Is Necessary

Fast Data – Any retailer that wants to be competitive knows it must offer a seamless omnichannel experience to its customers. However, many retailers aren’t aware that the key to powering that customer experience is IT system performance. Why? Omnichannel retailers must process, analyze and use huge amounts of data for a multitude of equally important…
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Cloud Computing Is Awesome. But Not Always.

Cloud Computing – In aviation, being “in the clouds” is a universal flight condition referring to a pilot’s inability to see the ground. It’s also a common lament of parents about the troubling coordinates of a teenager’s head, which might seem to be “in the clouds.” In the 21st century, “in the cloud” is a reference…
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Six DevOps Misconceptions Debunked: The road to DevOps success is littered with myths and misconceptions

Here are the largest potholes you need to avoid; While DevOps is firmly grounded in reality, numerous myths and misconceptions have grown up around the concept, several of which have prevented organizations from getting the most out of their teams. Is your organization functioning under one or more DevOps misconceptions? Here’s a rundown of the…
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Entrepreneurs And Investors, It's Not About Bitcoin: Build Or Invest In Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain – The recent rise and fall of Bitcoin (slight uptick recently), should give you pause for thought and help you understand where the real potential might be. While the future potential of secure digital payments through crypto currency remains to be seen, the focus should be on building blockchain based platforms and marketplaces. The…
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8 interesting developments in IoT (Internet of Things) technology

Useful IoT advancements to promote the idea further IoT – We live in a world where technology is rapidly taking over our lives, like literally. Getting up in the morning we have our handheld devices at disposal, helping us, guiding us and informing us about our new and ‘upgraded’ lives. The Internet has made connectivity…
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