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Month: April 2019

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IT Operation Analytics (ITOA) Software Market: Top Key Vendors, Segmentation, And Swot Analysis By 2024

IT operations analytics (ITOA) software analyze the data generated from IT operations and turn them into relevant information and insights so as to act accordingly. These analytics software utilize cognitive computing capabilities for learning the IT systems behavior over the time and provide quick warnings on any abnormal behavior. The modern digital business suffuses technology in…
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So You Say You Have a Customer Experience Strategy?

Your customer experience initiative needs to live within your overall strategy rather than just in your marketing messages. I spend almost all of my time helping companies with their customer experience strategy. Operational customer experience management (OCEM) takes strategy and embeds it into daily operations making it come to life every day. Bear with me…
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Can DevOps bring together speed, self-service & security?

DevOps – One dictionary definition of the word conjoined is ‘being brought together for a common purpose’. In the all too often disparate worlds of software development and operations, being conjoined can remain an aspiration. Among the reasons for this, is the question as to whether speed, self-service and security can ever be conjoined for…
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Big data companies face increased state and federal scrutiny

Big Data – State attorneys general are ramping up their scrutiny of technology platform companies such as Google and Facebook. In late March, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry disclosed in an interview that the state attorneys general were preparing to meet with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to discuss concerns about technology platforms. On…
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The Cybersecurity Talent Crisis: Three Ways To Think Outside The Box

Cybersecurity – After over a decade of helping growing organizations address hiring challenges and labor shortages, I know a talent crisis when I see one. The numbers are alarming: while the world has moved online, the supply of professionals to protect us hasn’t kept up.  The annual cost of cybercrime is expected to reach  $6 trillion by…
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Navigating AIOps: Key To The Emergence Of The Automated Data Centre

AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT operations), is a relatively new industry term that is increasingly being associated with a new breed of IT management vendors.  However, nearly all AIOps companies did not start with fully-fledged AI capability from the outset – they have all evolved from network monitoring, application monitoring, service desk or infrastructure monitoring.…
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3 Things to Know About Blockchain Insurtech, in Actual English

VUE analysts contend that the underlying tech has value, even if cryptocurrency hype gives you hives. “Everyone knows” that blockchain technology is supposed to be the next hot insurtech thing, and that it involves people in goatees who trade Bitcoin, from laptops in coffee shops, while muttering mysterious phrases about “coin offerings.” Computer Solutions &…
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Digital transformation and AI adoption: 5 lessons from senior leaders

Many companies are creating the first wave of digital transformation, increasing reach and customization, improving processes, and boosting productivity, while also beginning to incorporate big data into workflows. Now, executives are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) adoption to fight for digital supremacy against competitors, with high aspirations for its success even in the most traditional…
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3 questions to ask before putting a healthcare application in the cloud, and 5 tenants to understand once you’ve decided to move data into a private, public or hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud – Several years ago, many experts were indicating that by 2020 everything would be running in the cloud. The promises of economical on-demand computing and storage resources were appealing. Companies could look to reduce capital investments and begin to sunset expensive data centers by quickly spinning up cloud technology. Speed to market, costs…
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The AI Journey For CSPs: From Big Data To Big Revenue

Many of the communications service providers (CSPs) I talk to say they’re struggling to use artificial intelligence (AI) to overhaul their competitive game. They feel that if they could just access the big data locked away in their networks, the floodgates would open, and they’d be on their way to automating operations and enjoying new…
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