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Month: March 2019

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What the future of cloud computing holds for health insurance companies

IaaS and SaaS offerings are enabling payers to run analytics against claims and other data in new ways that enable them to operate more efficiently. Cloud Computing – With the increasing importance of analytics and data management, a cloud-first mentality is ideally suited for health insurers, who are using the technology to streamline operations, reduce…
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Getting Started Using Nastel XRay for MQ On-Prem Version

Getting Started Using Nastel XRay for MQ On-Prem Version, in this post I go through the steps to set up on-premise version.

Facebook alumni forge own paths to big data analytics tools

Startups Interana and Rockset differ in their approaches to providing new query capabilities on fast-arriving big data. Both are led by technologists who started at Facebook. Software engineers at Facebook forged many of the software types that now comprise big data analytics tools. Hive, Presto, Scuba and other tools were created at Facebook to drive…
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The 10 Keys To Nordstrom's Digital Transformation

For decades, loyal Nordstrom customers have been flocking to the store for designer goods and great service. In recent years, however, Nordstrom has been undergoing a digital transformation for a fresh approach to customer experience. The efforts are a start, but they are far from a fully successful digital transformation. Many of us are watching…
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Smart IoT Investments In Little Things Lead To Big Payoffs

IoT – The idea of automating homes and businesses to make them smarter isn’t new. For decades, pundits and vendors have touted everything from automated light switches to connected thermostats and smart refrigerators. At this year’s CES, a wide range of smart objects made their debut, including a smart dispenser that gives treats to dogs…
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The Top 8 Predictive Analytics Tools – Learn about the top tools for enterprise users

Including how to choose among a set of key features to find out which predictive analytics tool is best for your business. These days nearly every enterprise wants to have predictive analytics capabilities. This corresponds to growing interest in Big Data and artificial intelligence. In some recent surveys, more than 90 percent of organizations say they believe predictive analytics will…
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Can blockchain apps ensure a responsible mineral supply chain?

Blockchain – Verifying the origins of metals and minerals and ensuring the extraction of these resources are not benefiting warlords has been an ever-increasing concern of mining companies in recent years. In 2017, the US passed the Dodd-Frank Act, which in Section 1502 included a requirement for any US firm to ensure that mineral resources…
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Collective Intelligence: Where The Promise Of AIOps Is Realized

In my travels, I speak to a lot of people about artificial intelligence for operations, or AIOps. When I do, I feel I often need to dispel some common misperceptions. Most often, people will immediately latch onto the “A” of the equation, the artificial, and how it can evoke sinister images of automation run amok,…
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How the NYPD is using machine learning to spot crime patterns

Machine Learning – Civilian analysts and officers within the New York City Police Department are using a unique computational tool to spot patterns in crime data that is closing cases. A collection of machine-learning models, which the department calls Patternizr, was first deployed in December 2016, but the department only revealed the system last month…
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The Times They are a-changin

Changing the law to allow e-business to be as legally effective as business