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Month: February 2019

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Machine learning detects importance of land stewardship in conservation policy

A machine learning algorithm finds success in cooperative forest management policies that allow greater autonomy by smallholder farmers. At the southern tip of the Himalayas, farmers in the Kangra region of India’s Himachal Pradesh graze cattle among rolling hills and forests. The forests, under management by the state or farmer cooperatives, are thriving. But a…
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How To Maximize Your Benefits With Cloud Computing

Five ways you can begin making the most of FORCE in your company! 1. Blend your most customer-facing applications together in the cloud Unlike past software, cloud software applications today allow more interfaces (called application programming interfaces, or APIs), which allow cloud-based applications to talk to one another. These communications mean your favorite applications can…
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Top 15 Data Mining Techniques for Business Success

Data mining is the process of examining vast quantities of data in order to make a statistically likely prediction. Data mining could be used, for instance, to identify when high spending customers interact with your business, to determine which promotions succeed, or explore the impact of the weather on your business. Data mining principles have…
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Making new drugs with a dose of Artificial Intelligence

These Artificial Intelligence techniques can speed up many aspects of drug discovery and in some cases, perform tasks typically handled by scientists. You can think of it as a World Cup of biochemical research. Every two years, hundreds of scientists enter a global competition. Tackling a biological puzzle they call “the protein folding problem”, they try…
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AIOps: Why Developing Trust In Automation Takes Time

Building trust in AIOps may take time, but not because enterprise users are uninterested in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) solutions. Why do enterprises need AIOps? Because complexity is exploding. Scale is massive. A single interaction on your smartphone, for instance, may touch dozens of computers and services—and millions of lines of code—across the…
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5 Ways AI Will Impact ITOps In 2019

ITOps – 2018 was a good year for enterprise IT with innovative technologies beginning to be adopted by the mainstream. We also began to have discussions about the next leap for IT operations, introducing the idea that artificial intelligence will soon play a major role. 2019 is where this use of AI and machine learning…
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Netflix Harnesses Big Data To Profit From Your Tastes

“Bird Box,” a thriller starring Sandra Bullock, sucked in 45 million Netflix viewers in a week. “Bandersnatch,” part of Netflix’s “Black Mirror” franchise, set new standards for interaction. Netflix is quietly transforming the entertainment industry with big data. Founded in 1997, Netflix began as a subscription mail-order DVD company. Back then, distributing the shiny discs in prepaid…
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Nastel Technologies is Exhibiting at IBM Think 2019!

Nastel has been spending the week in San Francisco at IBM Think 2019! It has been a great week so far exhibiting and networking at IBM’s Think show at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.  Nastel has been here all week at Booth #375 in the Data & AI Campus.  Stop by for a…
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Study: CISOs Need to Take Charge of DevOps Security

As digital transformation is pushing more enterprises to adopt DevOps to address their needs for better software delivered faster and more frequently, a huge issue lingers over this strategic business shift: security.  While businesses pay a good deal of lip service to cybersecurity, the rush to churn out new software and update those applications means…
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Transforming Big Data Processing Through Blockchain and AI

Big data is currently on everybody’s lips with stringent regulations the order of the day and security breaches happening on a regular basis. A company called Endor has come up with a blockchain and AI based solution to manage and process data.  After years of research at MIT, Endor claims to have invented the “Google…
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