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Month: January 2019

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How ops teams stay relevant during a shift left in DevOps

IT operations administrators should not perceive the shift left in DevOps as a threat to their relevance, but rather as a catalyst for a change in their priorities. In the age of automation and the shift left movement, the exact role of IT operations teams might seem fuzzy — but it’s far from obsolete.  The…
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The 5 steps to AIOps success

The five steps to complete AIOps delivery

What happens when you move to the public cloud?

Cloud computing clearly offers some very attractive benefits for significant elements of an enterprises business Many companies have made the move (generally in-part) to the public cloud; Moving major parts of their application stack to Amazon, Microsoft and others, reducing their in-house data centers, moving from a mainly capital expense to a mainly operation expense…
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Cognitive Computing: More Human Than Artificial Intelligence

Mistaking cognitive computing for just another AI misses the important contributions this computing platform offers. In 2011, two episodes of Jeopardy stunned the world when the best Jeopardy players in the history squared off against IBM’s Watson Cognitive Computing System and were soundly beaten. For many, this was the moment when artificial intelligence probably became…
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Data Mining – Nobel laureate Richard Feynman once asked his Caltech students to calculate the probability that, if he walked outside the classroom, the first car in the parking lot would have a specific license plate, say 6ZNA74. Assuming every number and letter are equally likely and determined independently, the students estimated the probability to be less…
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APIs and DevOps

As always, there are interesting trends in DevOps  , and I wanted to point out one that is starting to bother me: the “API economy,” and how it impacts DevOps decision-makers. Traditional infrastructure—SAN, LAN, physical systems, etc.—were generally controlled the best from the command line. While there are a million of them, Cisco IOS is probably…
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Big Data and the Need for a Data Strategy

Big data. We’ve all heard and talked about it. Big data is a major component of every industry and hospitality is not an exception. Knowing how to recognize and utilize big data to your company’s advantage unlocks great amounts of power. However, having access to data is one thing, but to maximize big data, it…
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A Basing Growth Stock, And Google's Cloud Computing Quest

Cloud computing continues to drive a number of the leading growth segments of the stock market., Adobe and Microsoft all carry a cloud computing premium. Others like ServiceNow and growth stock peers including Workday and are more pure-play cloud computing names. ServiceNow shares aced a 37% gain in 2018. That was despite easing in the fourth quarter, after sprinting ahead 58% through September.…
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Intelligently Monitoring IoT (Internet of Things)

I was recently talking with a company that manages environmental and AV systems for large buildings.  They use the most advanced technology, which in this case is IoT (Internet of Things).  They setup control systems to control light, HVAC, window shades, door locks, AV displays, speakers and more. In a large building this can be…
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What is IBM MQ?

IBM MQ (often called “MQ”, WebSphere MQ or “IBM MQ”) is IBM’s Message Oriented Middleware offering that enables an asynchronous program-to-program communication via queues. It has been designed to operate largely as a “black-box”, in that it supports unattended operations, and is largely transparent to applications, and runs as multiple background processes. It enables applications…
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