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Analyzing Blockchains

Analyze and Visualize Private and Public Blockchains in Real Time

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Nastel Top Use Cases

Nastel Technologies helps enterprises of all sizes to improve their efficiency and effectivness.

Improve MTTR, MTBF and User Experience

Abstracting Business Understanding from Machine Data

The New Way of Thinking about Application Performance: Making Java Developers More Business Relevant

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Tracking Financial Trades

Any company that manages systems associated with financial trading knows the importance (and complexity) of managing the submission of each trade to the various regulatory authorities in accordance with the plethora different global and regional regulations, and of and the importance of confirming each trade is submitted correctly and acknowledged.

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Improving the UX

Practical ways to measure and improve the quality of user experience

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Monitoring Bill Payment and Fraud

“AutoPilot enables our company to detect infrastructure problems that could impact our bill payment and fraud applications on our UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms before they become full-scale problems.”

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Application Performance Management And Complex Event Processing

Application Performance Management And Complex Event Processing

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Solved Admin & Security Issues Associated with Capital Markets Trading Infrastructure

Solved administration and audit challenges by implementing Nastel AutoPilot® to monitor their middleware infrastructure across business units. 

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Working with IBM MQ and Tibco EMS.

Global banking group needed to increase the efficiency of middleware experts and Dev/Ops users working with IBM MQ and Tibco EMS.

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Maximize System Availability and Performance

Global electronics manufacturing company must maximize system availability and performance

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